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HIVIZ® Shooting Systems to Showcase Products at F.I.R.E Expo

HIVIZ® Shooting Systems to Showcase Products at F.I.R.E Expo

January 19, 2021 @ 7:57 am
by Tes Salb

Laramie, WY – January 2021 –HIVIZ® Shooting Systems will be showcasing its product line at the 2021 Florida Firearms Industry Range Expo (F.I.R.E.) this weekend (Jan. 22-24) in Immokalee, FL. Inside the HIVIZ tent, visitors will have an opportunity to learn more about the technology behind HIVIZ sights, receive expertise on which sights are best suited for different lifestyles and have a chance to compare products via demonstrations and live fire.


Featured products include sights from our HIVIZ LiteWave H3® family of Tritium/Fiber-Optic products offering 24-hour illumination for handgun and shotgun, our patented LiteWave® family of products with interchangeable LitePipes for a customized sight picture and get a sneak peek at some of the newest products to be introduced in 2021! Visitors will receive a discount coupon for a future sight purchase at www.hivizsights.com. Stop by the booth for a first-hand experience and See What You’ve Been Missing!


For more information on the F.I.R.E Expo including ticket information, shooting competitions, Special Operations demonstrations and more, visit: www.fire-expo.com. Tickets are $20 and a portion of ticket sales go to Destiny Rescue. Destiny Rescue is comprised of former Tier 1 assets and cyber warfare personnel who hunt down and rescue children trapped in sex rings and other harmful acts.


For the latest news and information on HIVIZ Shooting Systems, visit: www.hivizsights.com.

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