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HIVIZ® Sight Installation Services

HIVIZ® Shooting Systems Factory Handgun Sight Installation Services

Please download and print the HIVIZ Shooting Systems Handgun Sight Installation Form via the link below and include in the shipping package. See the installation FAQ below for information about shipping your items to HIVIZ.  


  • Can HIVIZ install sights on any handgun?
    • Your first choice should be to locate and support a local gunsmith. However, we understand that it may be challenging to locate a reputable gunsmith in your area, so we are offering basic handgun sight installation. HIVIZ is not currently performing machining work to install handgun sights (i.e., dovetail cuts, drilled pin holes, etc.)
  • Does HIVIZ install sights on revolvers?
    • This program does not include revolvers at this time.
  • What is the installation cost?
    • A handgun sight installation with two dovetail cuts has an installation fee of $55 + sights. This is in addition to the cost of the sight set itself.
  • How long will the installation take?
    • If you have made an appointment and the handgun sights are in stock, installation should take no longer than 1-2 weeks once the slide is received.
  • Should I order my handgun sights before I ship my firearm slide?
    • We suggest that you call ahead to set up an installation appointment, to verify sight availability and to reserve your sight set. If sights are temporarily out of stock, you can preorder a sight set, and we will notify you when to ship your slide.
  • Do I need to use a local FFL dealer to ship my handgun slide to HIVIZ for sight installation?
    • Handgun slides are not considered firearms by the ATF, so you can send them using your chosen shipping method without disclosure of contents. If you choose to declare the contents, you can list as “small, machined parts”. We suggest insuring the slide for at least 50% of the current cost of the firearm.
  • What is suggested shipping method for my handgun slide?
    • The shipping method is purely your choice. However, we suggest a quality, small box with good padding and packing material. Please DO NOT ship your slide in a padded mailer/envelope as the sorting machines could tumble the slide causing the envelope to tear and open. Please use a Quality Box.
  • What do I need to include with my sight installation shipment (i.e. inside the Quality Box)?
    • A completed copy of the HIVIZ Shooting Systems Handgun Installation Form (see link above) or, a piece of paper that includes the following:
      • Your Full Name
      • Your Address (Physical Shipping Address Required)
      • Daytime Telephone Number. Two important reasons:
        • First, this is how we reach you with questions or updates.
        • Second, this is how we obtain your CC information for payment.
      • Style or part number of the handgun sights you want installed (i.e. FastDot H3® - SKU: ######, LiteWave® - SKU: ######, etc.)
    • Where do I ship my handgun slide?
      • Our Shipping Address/Toll Free Telephone Number:

HIVIZ Shooting Systems

Attn: Sight Installation – Reservation Number

620 S. Adams Street

Laramie, WY  82070