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HIVIZ® Shooting Systems Partners with Paratore Enterprises

HIVIZ® Shooting Systems Partners with Paratore Enterprises

January 17, 2022 @ 3:05 pm
by Tes Salb

Laramie, WY – HIVIZ® Shooting Systems is excited to announce our partnership with Paratore Enterprises, Inc. to help bring our products to law enforcement agencies and the US military. Throughout the year, Paratore Enterprises, Inc. will be offering HIVIZ Shooting Systems sights targeted towards the defense and tactical industries via their reseller consortium, making these products easy to acquire via government contracting vehicles such as GSA contracts. Both companies will be available to discuss products in Booth #14222 during the 2022 SHOT Show held January 18-21 in Las Vegas, NV.

For more than 25 years, HIVIZ has introduced new and innovative sight technologies to a number of markets. The most recent HIVIZ® LiteWave H3® family of Tritium/Fiber-Optic products was developed with Law Enforcement and Military use in mind. These sights combine the brightest in Fiber-Optic capabilities with the light-emitting benefit of Tritium in one sight set, bringing you 24-hour illumination. Your reward? Faster sight/target acquisition in daylight, low light and no light scenarios. From personal defense to Law Enforcement and Military applications, these all-steel sight sets were designed and tested to withstand the roughest use.

“HIVIZ sight designs offer optimal light exposure to the LitePipe for a bright sight picture, allowing for faster target acquisition,” said Dalia Paratore, Founder and President of Paratore Enterprises. “The upgraded combination of Tritium and Fiber-Optic in one sight set is a must on modern handguns and rifles meant for police, military or self-defense use. They illuminate in the dark, making the sights visible in low to no-light conditions, as well as give you a bright sight picture during the day.”

“Our LiteWave H3 Technology using Tritium/Fiber-Optic sights, offers 24-hour illumination,” said Phil Howe, President and Founder of HIVIZ Shooting Systems. “We have continually researched and developed our sights so that our law enforcement and military personnel have access to the best of this technology. While we depend on them to keep our streets safe, they can depend on the quality and reliability of HIVIZ sights.”

Stop by Booth #14222 during the 2022 SHOT Show for more information on our products or to meet the team, or visit www.hivizsights.com. To schedule a meeting regarding law enforcement agency or US military products and information, contact Dalia Paratore at (305) 905-0173 or info@paratorenterprises.com.

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