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HIVIZ® Shooting Systems Names Christopher Harrison as Director of U.S. Commercial Sales

HIVIZ® Shooting Systems Names Christopher Harrison as Director of U.S. Commercial Sales

June 11, 2024 @ 2:20 pm
by Tes Salb

Laramie, WY – HIVIZ® Shooting Systems, the premier manufacturer of high-quality tritium/fiber-optic and fiber-optic sights for handguns, shotguns, and rifles is excited to announce the hiring of Christopher Harrison as the Director of U.S. Commercial Sales.

“I am honored to join the highly motivated and experienced employees at HIVIZ Shooting Systems as the Director of U.S. Commercial Sales,” said Harrison. “This opportunity is very exciting as we bring the company into the future.”

Harrison joins the team with more than 40 years of experience as a sales professional and strategic visionary in the firearms and defense industry. Through this time, his focus has been on sales leadership, product and business development, and marketing management. He has excelled at building strong company portfolios through relationships developed with dealers and distributors and has moved his teams forward by establishing departments and programs with strong training and sales techniques. He has a proven track record for moving brands forward through the introduction of revolutionary products and marketing plans.

“With a stream of innovative products coming to market, like the new FastDot H3®, we needed a seasoned Director of Sales to lead our extensive sales efforts,” said Joseph Smith, VP of Sales & Marketing. “To execute our growth strategy we needed a pro, and we are pleased to have Christopher Harrison join our team. His experience driving strategic growth, fostering strong partnerships, and delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction is a powerful addition to our high performing sales and marketing team. Together, we will aim for excellence and elevate our leading position with our innovative and high-quality sights.”

Harrison’s extensive knowledge of the U.S. commercial, government and international distribution and sales channels adds strength to the HIVIZ team as the company works to build a unified global sales and marketing team across the 30 countries in which HIVIZ is represented. For more information on HIVIZ Shooting Systems and line of sights and recoil pads, visit www.hivizsights.com.

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