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HIVIZ Pro Staffers Succeed at NRA World Shooting Championships

HIVIZ Pro Staffers Succeed at NRA World Shooting Championships

September 25, 2019 @ 2:20 pm
by Tes Salb

LARAMIE, WY – September 2019 – It was a successful weekend for Team HIVIZ shooters, Tim Yackley, Mark Yackley, Jerry Miculek, and Lanny Barnes, and at the 2019 NRA World Shooting Championships. Tim Yackley Placed 2nd overall and Lanny Barnes won High Lady. Tim Yackley took second place overall finishing right behind Greg Jordan. Tim was overall champion last year. The rest of the HIVIZ Pro Staff shooters finished 5th (Mark Yackley), 9th (Jerry Miculek), 11th Sean Yackley, 15th (Tony Holmes) and 18th (Andrew Yackley). Last year’s champion, Tim Yackley, finished in second place with a score of 954.2 and final time of 429.07. He garnered 79.52 percent of all the available points. Although he didn’t win any of the 12 stages outright, he placed second in four of them: Stage No. 3 “3-Gun,” Stage No. 4 “Biathlon,” Stage No. 5 “NRA America’s Rifle Challenge” and Stage No. 9 “USPSA.” By far, his best performance was at the Biathlon stage, where he earned 99.08 percent of all available points.

For the Ladies, Lanny Barnes took home the honor of High Lady and won her first NRA World Shooting Championship Lady title. Lanny Barnes won High Lady also placing her 20th overall in the field of 270. Her best performance by far was at Stage No. 11 “Precision Rifle Series,” where she finished second for the stage with 99.27 percent of
all available points.

The NRA World Shooting Championship has become highly regarded despite its short history, with its unparalleled format—12 shooting disciplines, and all guns and ammunition provided. Large cash purse, along with separate prize tables for professional and amateur shooters, further places it on the “must-do” list for competitive shooters from around the globe.

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