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HIVIZ® Introduces New LITEWAVE™ Series for Ruger GP100

HIVIZ® Introduces New LITEWAVE™ Series for Ruger GP100

March 15, 2015 @ 3:08 pm
by Tes Salb

LARAMIE, WY — March 2015 – HIVIZ® Shooting Systems is excited to introduce another addition to their new fiber optic LITEWAVE™ handgun sight line — now for the Ruger GP100.

Like all HIVIZ® LITEWAVE™ sights, the new Ruger GP100 front sight features a state of the art exoskeleton frame made of carbon steel allowing an unprecedented amount of light to enter their uniquely interchangeable LitePipes. All LITEWAVE™ designs not only offer an even brighter sight picture giving shooters faster target acquisition in a variety of light conditions, but also provide even more extreme durability than prior HIVIZ® handgun sights with a streamlined design for easy holster and unholstering of your favorite handgun.

LITEWAVE™ for the GP100 also offers the unique versatility of the interchangeable LitePipe system, giving shooters a variety of color choices for all shooting conditions. The unique design and patented locking feature of the LitePipe system effectively secures any color or size of sight in place providing shooters the ultimate combination of durability and visual lighting flexibility for their firearm.

The new LITEWAVE™ sight for the Ruger GP100 and many others are available today at HIVIZ® retailers or check them out at www.HIVIZSights.com. Recommended Retail price $41.95.

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