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XCOIL Universal Recoil Pad

XCOIL Universal Recoil Pad

USD $ 44.65

HIVIZ XCOIL Recoil Pads are constructed of a composite proven superior at dampening recoil. Our testing has shown that the XCOIL absorbs felt recoil more effectively than any other recoil pad currently available! It also resists slipping when shouldered for consistent gun positioning.

Pads are grindable for a true custom fit. Available in three sizes.

Small (XCT1001) – Fits stocks up to 5.1″ H x 1.9″ W
Medium (XCT1002) – Fits stocks up to 5.4″ H x 1.994″ W
Large (XCT1003) – Fits stocks up to 5.75″ H x 2.094″ W