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HIVIZ Pro Staff

Mark Hotaling / Law Enforcement Advisory Staff

Mark has a vast background in training and instruction and spent many years utilizing his skills all over the world. In 2008 he created Makhaira Group Inc.—a leading firearms training and public safety education center in Colorado, dedicated to providing solid solutions rooted in current, real-world experience. He and his staff provide training in all areas of self-defense including firearms training, concealed carry certification (CCW) training, and tactical pistol, rifle, and shotgun training.

              Mark’s Career Highlights include:

  • OS1(SEAL), US Navy
  • Petty Officer First Class, US Navy, 09/1995 – 09/2002
  • US Naval Active Reserve, 09/2002 – 05/2003
  • US Department of State, Presidential Protective Service, Kabul, Afghanistan, 01/2003-05/2003
  • US Navy Training:
    • US Navy Basic Training, Great Lakes RTC, Chicago, Illinois
    • Operations Specialist A-School, Dam Neck, Virginia
    • Basic Underwater Demolition/ SEAL Training (BUD/S), Coronado, CA
  • US Army Basic Airborne, Fort Benning, GA
  • SEAL Qualification Training, Various locations
  • USN Survival, Escape, Resistance, Evasion (SERE), Various locations
  • Navy Leadership Training, Coronado, CA
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Chula Vista, CA
  • SEAL Advanced Tactical Communications, Various locations
  • USN/USMC Tactical Air Control Party, Coronado/29 Palms, CA
  • Basic Urban Sniper, Camp Pendleton, CA
  • SEAL Scout Sniper, Various locations
  • Tactical Bus Interdiction, Various locations
  • Military Free Fall Parachute (MFF), Fort Bragg, NC/Yuma, AZ
  • USN Outboard Motor Overhaul, NAB Coronado, CA
  • NSW Static Line Jumpmaster, El Centro, CA
  • Range Operations Safety (RSO), Various locations
  • SEAL Diving Supervisor, Coronado, CA
  • NSW Advanced Applied Explosives, Various locations
  • USN Awards:
    • Navy Good Conduct Medal (2)
    • National Defense Service Medal (2)
    • Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (2)
    • Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medal (3)
    • Navy Rifle Expert Medal
    • Navy Pistol Expert Medal