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Tony Holmes – World Professional Shooter


Tony started competing in 1974 at the age of 13 in NRA High-Power and Small-bore Rifle matches. Coached as a youngster by his father,

a law enforcement officer and competitive shooter himself, he introduced Tony into handgun shooting. Encouraging his son with many long hours of practice on the range, led to Tony competing at many local and state matches. Tony's first out of state match was in 1983 at the Second Chance Bowling Pin Shoot in Central Lake MI. Finishing in the top 10 of the revolver event Tony won his first gun. This win was the catalyst to what has now become not only Tony’s passion to compete in the shooting sports, but an ongoing love for the shooting sports.

Throughout Tony’s professional competitive shooting career, he consistently proves himself as a top competitor in a variety of shooting disciplines, which includes IPSC, Action Pistol and Long-Range Silhouette Rifle. But its 3-Gun that remains his favorite shooting discipline. Excelling in these multi-disciplines ensures Tony’s sponsors will receive high profile exposure and media coverage for their products Tony uses.


Today, Tony’s yearly competition schedule includes matches around the country and throughout the world all while working a full-time job. Whether Tony’s competing, hunting or representing himself as an industry ambassador for his sponsors and his country abroad, he always takes time to introduce newcomers to the sport. It has become a lifestyle Tony doesn’t take for granted and he enjoys sharing his knowledge. Simply put . . . Tony lives for the next upcoming competition, training hard at the range and fine-tuning his equipment.  


2017 5th place NRA World Shooting Championships

2017 5th place Midsouth South Crawfish Cup Action Pistol Regional

2017 3rd place Superstition Mystery Mtn. 3-Gun

2016 2nd place Midsouth Shooters Crawfish Cup Action Pistol Regional

2016 3rd place Fallen Brethren 3-Gun

2016 4th place Superstition Mystery Mtn. 3-Gun

2015 4th place Trijicon World Shooting Challenge

2015, 2012, 2nd place Fallen Brethren 3-Gun

2014 3rd place 3-Gun World Championship Open

2014 Overall Champion Superstition Mystery Mountain 3-Gun

2012, 2011, 2010 3-Gun Nation shoot-off finalist

2011, 2007, 2006 2nd place Bianchi Cup Open/Metallic Aggregate  

2017, 2010, 2001, 1997, 1996 Bianchi Cup Team Action Pistol National Champion  

2009 Submachine Gun National Champion

2008, 2006 DPMS 3-Gun Champion

2006 2nd place World Action Pistol Team (Australia) Set World Shoot Record for Falling Plates Score of 177

2016, 2012, 2006 NRA Action Pistol US Gold Team

2003 Soldier of Fortune World 3-Gun Champion

2 Time Masters International Long Range Rifle Champion 1997, 1994
5 Time Masters International Action Rifle Champion 1997, 1994, 1993, 1991, 1990
2 Time Second Chance Revolver Champion 1987, 1985
6 Time ICORE Midwest Revolver Champion
16 Time Indiana State Action Pistol Overall Champion
10 Time Indiana State USPSA/IPSC Sectional Champion
2 Time Ohio Action Pistol State Overall Champion
3 Time Illinois Action Pistol State Overall Champion