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Lena Miculek

I was born and raised on Shootout Lane! My father is a professional shooter. My mother is a semi-professional shooter. My grandfather was one of the best known pistolsmiths in the country. I have been around guns and competitive shooting all of my life. I guess you could even say I participated in several matches before I was born, as my mother competed in matches until she was five months pregnant.nnI have been shooting in competitions since I was eight years old, but I never took it very seriously. In 2010 I took a year off from everything that involved shooting. You know what? I missed it! I missed the shooting. I missed the traveling. I missed the people. So, the next year I started getting serious. I found that I really enjoyed shooting a revolver. Imagine that! I shot four major matches with my wheelgun and won high Lady at each one. I have now taken up Multi-Gun. This year will be a learning experience, but with over a dozen matches on my calendar, I’m hoping to make my mark in the Tactical Optics division by years end.nn