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Kay Clark Miculek / Handgun Pro Staff

Kay Clark Miculek is the youngest daughter of Jim Clark, Sr., one of the most renowned gunsmiths and Bullseye Champions of the 20th century. In 1950 Jim, Sr. founded Clark Custom Guns (CCG), a custom gun shop that for 80 years has specialized in transforming out-of-the-box factory guns into supremely accurate competition grade shooting machines. Being born into this environment it is no surprise that Kay was introduced to competition shooting at a young age. From 6 to 12 years of age, Kay participated in a summer shooting program sponsored by the local sheriff's department where participants earned medals for demonstrating prowess with pump action BB or pellet rifles, and bolt action .22lr rifles. Skills learned in these summer programs served Kay well, enabling her to become the first female on her high school's ROTC rifle "B" Team in 1973, and the first and only female on the “A” Team the following year. In 1977, she claimed her first national title by becoming the NRA Women's High Power Rifle Silhouette Champion.

After her success in the precision rifle sports, Kay's competitive shooting endeavors took a 14-year hiatus until she returned to work in the family business, Clark Custom Guns, in 1989. Kay's brother Jim Clark, Jr., who was her lifelong shooting buddy, immediately introduced Kay to the Practical Shooting Sports.  Over the next 28 years, Kay posted one of the most impressive winning records of any female competitor in the country winning dozens of World and National titles, and hundreds of Regional and State Championship titles.

Many of her career highlights include: (2x) IPSC World Handgun Champion-Open Division (Individual Gold); (10x) USPSA National Handgun Champion-Open Division; (1x) USPSA National Handgun Champion-Limited Division; (14x) USPSA National Multi-Gun Champion; (7x) World Speed Shooting Champion (Steel Challenge); (6x) Handgunner World Shoot-Off Championships-Open Division; (7x) Member of Sportsman's Team Challenge National Team; (4x) Handgun, (1x) Shotgun, (1x) Rifle: IPSC World Championship Team Gold Medal titles; (6x) World Handgunner Shoot-Off Championships; and (2x) IPSC North American Handgun Champion-Open Division.

Kay’s most notable accomplishments include:

  • (1993-2011) member of the USPSA Women's Handgun Gold Team, representing the United States at international competitions for 18 consecutive years
  • (1998-2004) created, hosted and taught the USPSA Junior Shooting Camps where many of the students went on to become National and World Practical Pistol champions
  • (2004-2019) created women’s-only Practical Pistol training camps that began with her desire to bring together a strong team of top-level female shooters to train for the 2005 IPSC World Shoot
  • From her training camps she created an even larger program with the best students as instructors which eventually led to a partnership with an extremely enthusiastic student named Deb Ferns to create Babes with Bullets' Camps (they have traveled the US for 15 years introducing thousands of women to the Practical Shooting sports, as well as enhancing the skills of women already participating in practical shooting competitions), and to top it off

Kay is the first person to earn an IPSC World Shoot Gold Medal in three different disciplines (handgun, shotgun and rifle).