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Jerry Miculek / Handgun Pro Staff

Jerry Miculek is one of the most versatile shooters in the world. He has earned dozens of national and international titles with handguns, rifles and shotguns. What truly sets Jerry apart from the other top competitive shooters in the world is his amazing abilities with a revolver. Jerry holds four revolver speed shooting records and has won every major speed shooting revolver competition int he world. Shooting Academy: www.bang-inc.com .

List of Titles:

  • Six time USPSA National Revolver Champion
  • Four time 2nd Chance Bowling Pin Champion
  • 1997 & 2007 Handgunner World Shoot-Off Champion (The only person to ever win this title with a revolver).
  • Sixteen time International Revolver Champion
  • Member of six time winning pro team at the Sportsmans Team Challenge
  • Three time Masters International Long Gun Champion
  • Two time IPSC World Revolver Champion

Current National and World Titles:

  • IPSC World Revolver Champion
  • Steel Challenge Revolver Champion
  • USPSA 3-Gun National Championship

World Revolver Speed Shooting Records:

  • Eight shots in 1 second
  • Six shots-reload-six shots in 2.99 seconds
  • Six shots, two on each of three targets, in 1 second
  • Sixty shots out of ten revolvers in 17.2 seconds