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HiViz Shooting Systems                                                                                                                             

Fort Collins, CO 80524

HiViz Shooting Systems set to move operations to southeast Wyoming

May 3, 2013, Fort Collins, Colo.—
HiViz Shooting Systems President and CEO Phillip Howe is pleased to announce that Laramie, Wyoming has been selected as the new
home for HiViz Shooting Systems.
Mr. Howe said the move will be structured over a period of time to ensure uninterrupted
service to the HiViz customer base. Building plans are being developed with the city of
Laramie and state of Wyoming and construction could begin as soon as the summer of
“Wyoming has long been an ideal location for the outdoor products industries, including
the shooting sports manufacturing arm of the industry,” said Bob Jensen, CEO of the
Wyoming Business Council. “We welcome Mr. Howe and the HiViz family to our state
and we look forward to having HiViz products being produced in Wyoming.”
According to Howe, HiViz selected Laramie not only because of its strong support of the
shooting sports manufacturing and supply chain industries, but also because of its close
proximity to the present HiViz facility in Fort Collins, Colo., providing current employees
the opportunity of a short commute while evaluating relocation.
The company also considered Wyoming’s tax advantages for the business and its
employees, the various resources available through the University of Wyoming and a
favorable location with a beautiful view of the Snowy Range mountains to the west.
“We are very excited about this announcement and what it means not only for Laramie
and Wyoming, but for HiViz as well,” said Laramie Economic Development Corporation
(LEDC) chair Megan Overmann Goetz. “LEDC and our partners at the Business Council
have been working with Phil and his team on the best solution. We are happy that
solution is having HiViz in Laramie conducting business in one of our LEDC business
“The decision to relocate the company was difficult and choosing the proper location
was essential to our continued growth within the industry,” said Howe. “The fine people
with the Wyoming Business Council and the LEDC worked diligently to accommodate
our needs and make us feel welcome. We look forward to settling into our new home in
the firearm friendly state of Wyoming.”
The relocation is rooted in Colorado’s recent tightening of its gun control laws, and the
company announced April 1, 2013 that it would pursue a new location more supportive
of its products and customers.
HiViz Shooting Systems manufactures light-gathering sights, recoil pads and
accessories for the shooting industry. 

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Fort Collins, CO 80524