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Allie "Allie Cat" Barrett / Handguns Pro Staff

I started competing in USPSA and Ruger Rimfire Matches in 2011. I took an interest in shooting when I was nine years old, shooting with my Dad with a Walther P-22. The summer of 2011 is when I got addicted to shooting. I saw another junior shooter at a match and wanted to do the same thing that they were doing. I am currently the Team Captain of “Team Allie Cat” I teach lessons out on the range at my home to junior shooters. I help them get started and introduce them to the shooting world by taking them to matches and help them with sponsors. I am currently Team Captain of the Volquartsen Custom Shooting Team and a team member of Taran Tactical Innovations. In the last two seasons, I shot a Smith and Wesson 9mm Pro and am switching over to a Glock 34 in 9mm for the 2013 season. I currently shoot a Volquartsen Custom Ultra Light pistol and rifle for rimfire matches and brought home the following wins in 2011 and 2012. I am a NRA Apprentice Instructor and help teach Conceal Carry Classes with my family.

I am looking forward to shooting for Taran Tactical Innovations for multi-gun in 2013 where I will be using a Glock 34, my TTI Benelli M-1 12 Ga., and my TTI TR-1 Ultra Lite 223 Rifle.

  • 2011 3rd Lady World Champion Ruger Rimfire, 
  • 2011 Nebraska State Ruger Rimfire Ladies and Jrs Champ.,
  • 2011 Missouri State Fall Classic High Lady and 2nd Jr., 
  • 2011 4th Place Ladies Production Area 4 Championship, 
  • 2011 Arkansas State Ruger Rimfire High Lady. 
  • 2012 Arkansas State Ruger Rimfire High Lady Champion, 
  • 2012 Oklahoma State Ruger Rimfire Ladies Champion, High Junior, 2nd in Open, and 3rd overall
  • 2012 Arkansas Sectionals 3rd C
  • 2012 Arkansas Sectional High Lady Production
  • 2012 Arkansas Section High Junior Production
  • 2012 Area 3 High Junior
  • 2012 Nebraska State Ruger Rimfire High Lady and Junior Champion
  • 2012 Lady Ruger Rimfire World Champion 20th Overall.
  • 2012 Junior Ruger Rimfire World Champion
  • 2012 Missouri Fall Classic 1st C class and High Lady