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TriViz® Bead Replacement Turkey/Deer Sight Set

TriViz® Bead Replacement Turkey/Deer Sight Set

$ 37.65

Arguably one of the coolest turkey sights on the planet, TriViz offers outstanding durability combined with a fantastically accurate sight picture. Whether you are crashing TriViz through the woods or sitting statuesque, the unique triangular sight picture helps any level of experienced hunter enjoy success. Fits most shotguns with ventilated ribs from 1/4” to 3/8” wide with removable front beads. Set offers (1) round front and (3) triangular front LitePipes in various heights paired with a triangular rear configuration – a FANTASTIC value for the price.

Fit Details: Fits vent-ribbed shotguns from 1/4″ to 3/8″ (6.3mm to 9.7mm) with removeable front bead.

LitePipe Colors: Front – Green (4); Rear – Green
LitePipe Shape: Triangular (3 in different heights) & Round

For more information, view the Shotgun Specification Chart.
Will it fit your shotgun? Double-check on our Shotgun Application Chart.
Replacement LitePipes for this sight can be found here.

SKU: TT1001