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Sig Sauer Litewave Front sight #8

Sig Sauer Litewave Front sight #8

$ 41.95

Important read fit information below to select the correct sight for your Sig.

Litewave Sig Sauer front sight. Interchangeable Litepipes, includes red, green and white. Fits all Sig P Series with machined slide including P220, P225,P226,P228,P229,P238,P239,P320,P938 and SP2022. DOES NOT FIT P250. All steel construction Height same as Sig #8.





Newer Sig slides are machined and have a different sight mounting. the SGLW08 and SGLW06 front sights fit the new machined slide. below the arrow indicates the external mounted extractor, only machined slides have this, the older stamped slide has an internal extractor. Sig’s with the stamped slide must use the SG2015 front sight.


new-old sig

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